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Wrought iron Brank with punitive muzzle.

Also known as an “iron bit” or a “scolds bridle” (predominantly used on woman), Branks are an accessory of torture and punishment - a device created for humiliation and control.

This early reproduction has rich patination and an impressive weight. The accessory unfastens at both sides from its centre shaft before securing firmly around its users neck with a very strong magnet fastening.

Muzzles of this nature were originally created to prevent the ensnared individual from eating and drinking whilst they worked. Earlier examples often included a sharp “iron bit” which entered the mouth to prevent communication. Others even included long pointed metal spikes at the neck which would catch at foliage, should they have tried to escape their “owner”.

A really impressive hand made accessory - entirely suitable for any subservients keen on experiencing humiliation and punishment.

Wrought Iron Brank Reproduction

  • height - 21cm, depth - 23cm. mouth guard 10cm by 12cm.

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