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Evoke Erotes
Home of Provocative Antiques

We noticed a space that wasn't being catered for and wanted to fill it.  Evoke Erotes aims to provide high quality, authentic pieces, as well as to openly talk about the ‘kink’ lifestyle. To normalise fetishes, desires and fantasies, whilst showing the rich history and links to the items that started those very scenes. This is all in the hope that others might embrace those curiosities with beautiful pieces in their home that are both practical and decorative. To incorporate original tools and furnishings to their play.

This is not just antique erotica... these unique and beautiful items are the small moments in-between, the build up to, and the sweet thrill after those special and intimate occasions. Think of it as antique foreplay… 

Whether it’s for kink or for general home décor and furnishings (heck, why not both!) purchasing antique and vintage items is a wonderful way to incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle.


Should you have any questions about any of the pieces posted, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. All postage and enquiries will be managed confidentially and discreetly.


Stay kinky. 


- Yasmin 


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