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Quartz lingam has a range of fabulous qualities and, unlike most stones and crystals, is associated with all 7 Charkra.

Lingam comes from the term “linga” which means “phallus. It is associated with Lord Shiva - the god of destruction and creation.

Due to this link, it is believed that Quartz lingam assists with balance, ridding monotonous existence and with finding new opportunities. It’s also believed to support with infertility and impotence. Which is why it’s so fabulous to find such an example carved in this nature.

Hard to date exactly, but this certainly has quite some age to it.

Collectors of crystals are likely also believers in energy and healing properties - I wanted to state that this particular piece has now been professional cleansed via reiki practice. This is a service I am able to provide for all items in my store, if individuals were concerned about past energies holding on to physical formats.

Tibetan Quartz Lingam Phallus.

  • Measurements: From testicles to tip - 30cm. Shaft - an above average 8” 😉

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