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A Rare glass "Esmarch" of the early 1900s. Originally used for sanitary and hygiee purposes - the invention of the German doctor F. A. Esmarch - an Enema.


The soft blue hued flask has a convex hole on the back wall for ease of use and the device can also be hung. With the help of a mug, enemas, douching, and gastric lavage were completed over the years. A great, but entirely down to preference, way to have cleaner, relaxed "backdoor" play 


The glass flask is completely intact. There are minor chips to the upper part of the flask on the outside, however this does not affect the functionality and appearance, rather adding charm. Inside the glass, there are accumulations of air bubbles of varying sizes - a testimony to the age of the glass. Kinkily Repurposed as a playful vase that will, without a doubt start some fun conversation with guests admiring your floral arrangement haha. 

Enema glass. Circa 1930

  • Measurements -  height - 28 cm, volume is about - 3 liters.

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