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1931 Edition of Lewis Caroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" - Macmillan and Co Ltd. Featuring over 40 iconic illustrations in each book by John Tenniel. Canvas covered with embossed gold title to spine and portrait to front cover. Gentle wear to the spine of Alice's Adventure. Complete pages and fantastic quality to each book. 


A bundle I have put together with great care - available as a set or individually, please see previous posts - which include a fabulous 1930s bed throw, a 1930s Chad valley white rabbit and suitable bed time books - 1930s edition of Lewis Caroll’s iconic “Alice’s adventures in wonderland” and “through the looking glass”

“Big / Littles” kink can vary and look very different to anyone who likes to practice and play in the dynamic. That’s what makes it so wonderful. Ultimately it’s a form of age play and practices submissive and dominant aspects with a parenting role. It can be incorporated in day to day life all the way up to the bedroom.

I imagine this set being gifted to a very well behaved “little one” for their bed time routine, or as a reward for keeping up with their tasks, hydration, nutrition, homework… one that can be handed back out when behaviour is good, for a well deserved cuddle and bed time story.

Little ones, perhaps if you ask nicely, your “big” might treat you? But you must be good, yes? Yes.

please see individual posts for prices, details and measurements or DM for bundle discount.

1931 Edition Lewis Caroll Alice Set

  • 16cm by 11cm

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