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Originally Written in 1870 by Austrian nobleman and writer Leopoldo Von Sacher-Masoch (1836 - 1895).

This particular book is part of his larger series “legacy of the cain”. It tells the tale of a man who dreams to speak with Venus herself and submit to her as a slave, to be subjected to cruel and tormenting acts.

Sacher-masoch is the reason the term “Masochist” exists. The ever famous psychiatrist Richard Von Krafft-Ebing - who completed notable studies surrounding perversions and sexual behaviours, worked with Sacher-Masoch who prominently craved pain, humiliation and submission to women.

This includes nine gorgeous coloured page plates by the talented French illustrator Suzanne Ballivet, born in 1904.

French text. Black velvet hard back cover. Pages Unsewn in original black velvet slipcase. Sublime.

“Venus aux fourrures” by Leopold von sacher-masoch. 1954 edition. Copy XXXIV.

  • Measurements: height - 26cm. Width - 20cm. Depth - 4.5cm

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