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With the sweet talking Erotes ‘Hedylogos’ in mind - a pair of Stipple engraved prints created by Irish artist Thomas Burke (1749 - 1815) after Swiss neo classic painter Angelika Kauffmann (1741 - 1815). “Angelica and Sacriponte” and “Henry and Emma”. Later mounted and glazed within rich golden painted circular wooden frames.

“But when bright Emma wou'd her fortune know,
A softer look unbends his op'ning brow,
With trembling Awe he gazes on her eye,
And in soft accents forms the kind reply;
That she shall prove as fortunate as fair,
And Hymen's choicest gifts be all reserv'd for her.”

Thomas Burke Courting Pair. Circa 1792.

  • Measurements - 29cm by 29cm

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