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The promiscuous culture of Soho, London excelled during the 20th century with many shops and store fronts popping up left right and centre offering services that would cater for most individuals. Many stores would compete and battle against neon signs and would source lighting fixtures wherever possible to help clients of the night find them.

This fabulous piece, with Patinated wall fittings and metal frame work is large and bright. The previous venue owner has repurposed an old “Bosch” sign to create their own light fitting. Slight sun bleaching from its previous, innocent use, but I do feel that only adds character to its new purpose, the journey it has had and the things it must have seen ;)

Double sided with hand cut vinyl lettering reading “GIRLS - live show”. UK plug fitting. Perfect for wall mounting.


Soho “GIRLS” illuminated sign. Circa 1970.

  • Measurements - 40cm wide, 16cm deep, 170cm in height. Wall Mount arms - 15cm long

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