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Original lithograph broom handle labels - “The Maid” - Circa 1910.

Vibrant collection of American lithograph advertising labels from the early 1900s with subservient undertones.

These individual pieces would have been pasted and applied to the handles of brooms to identify the maker of particular models.

Now presented with professional framing as a set of 9 with a two layered mount that features subtle blue and red flecks throughout.

The iconic maid uniform was created in Europe in the 19th century. During the 20th century the terminology “French maid” caught on and has since become a worldwide icon of fetishism. This is likely due to the romanticism of “subservience” - the willingness to obey unquestioningly.

Rare and unused. Only three framed “sets of 9” available.

Large lithograph broom handle labels - “The Maid” - Circa 1910

  • framed - 51cm by 44cm

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