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“Wardlaws lectures on female pr*stitution”. Published in Glasgow. An interesting if not outdated read, but a fabulous insight on the ever changing social opinions on the s*x industry. This particular piece does stand from a rather religious point of view.

“In other cases, the end is effected, by the same wisdom, in another way, - namely by the attaching of sensations of pleasure to the indulgence of the natural and necessary appetite. Thus, it is necessary to life, that men should eat and drink; and eating and drinking are sources of enjoyment.”

What a horrifically self entitled opinion from a man who is ultimately shaming the women that cater the appetites of the very men he feels have the right to obtain the same services he speaks of. I digress.

General wear and ageing, all 163 pages present. Original cover with embossed gilt title to its fragile spine. An informative and insightful edition to any bookshelf, especially for those in the s** work industry.


“Lectures on Pr*stitution”. Circa 1842.

  • Measurements - 20.5cm by 13cm