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15th November 1919. Original double page plate from renowned French publication “La Vie Parisienne”.

Illustrated by French artist Chéri Hérouard (1881–1961) with 45 years of work with LVP - Herouard, under the pseudonym of Herric, was renowned for his erotic and sadomasochistic creations which included the Karma Sutra.

This particular piece, captioned “a return to the world. the basket skirt and its three ancestors” presents a small slice of the history of the ever changing fashion for women.

I love how this looks as though the young, blushing woman is being presented, observed and judged by the women before her. There’s a subtle hint of objectification and humiliation… (which I find rather beautiful)

1919 Original La Vie Parisienne Advertisement

  • 34cm by 52.5cm

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