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Originally sourced from a castle! A fabulous, rustic example of a courting candle. Ideal for authentic wax play scenes. I don’t particularly want to sell this one as I love it so much but that’s not how self employment works SO

Originally there would have been a side insert that would coil up and down the spiral of the shaft to heighten and lower the candle as desired. This would have been used to help understand time, specifically… to fathers, whose daughters were out courting. Adjusting the height specifically allowed them to time the length of the company spent with a suitor.

With or without the adjustable coil prong - this is a charming, heavily patinated, “dungeon-esque” accessory that would help set any scene and to use alongside wax play.


Courting candle stick holder. Circa 19th century.

  • Measurements - base width - 11cm. Height -19cm

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